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Letter to MP Regarding Pay Freeze

In NHS, Politics on March 15, 2014 at 3:11 pm

I have just sent a letter to my MP regarding the NHS pay freeze. You can read it below. Please feel free to copy and paste from it as you please.

You can find you own MP’s details, as well as UNITE’s template letter and opinion poll here.

Dear _______,

I’ve written to you several times in the past, always about issues related to the NHS. You may remember that I am a doctor. Previously I was an anaesthetic trainee. I have now changed career paths and am a psychiatric trainee.

On this occasion I am writing about the plan not to go ahead with the 1% pay increase for all NHS workers, going against the advice of the NHS pay review body. As I’m sure you are aware, this will equate to a cut in pay in real terms. This will not make a huge difference for myself or my wife (a ______ trainee), but will make a rather large difference for the 40,000 NHS workers paid below the living wage.

The following paragraph is copied and pasted from a letter template created by the UNITE website, but I fully support it and I hope you will too.

“Please show your support for workers like me; sign Unite’s NHS pay pledge guarantee:
• I pledge to support my constituents who work in the NHS in their call for a substantial, above inflation pay rise for 2014/15,that is the same for everyone
• I pledge to campaign for the living wage and support the call for the NHS to become an accredited living wage employer in line with the principle that ‘work should be the surest way out of poverty’: (Living Wage foundation)
• I pledge to support my constituents in their call for an end to the practice of downbanding and performance related pay.”




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